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Customer experience (CX) is a brand differentiator. By intentionally DOING CX RIGHT, you gain happy customers who continue to buy from your company and tell others. Applying CX best practices results in employee loyalty and advocacy too. Stacy Sherman, award-winning keynote speaker, author, and mentor is on a mission to inspire better human experiences so that REAL connections and satisfaction exist. It's why she's sharing her expertise as well as bringing global leaders and consumers together to provide actionable CX tips to support your success.

Apr 29, 2022

What does employee engagement really mean? How do you prevent a toxic work environment, and bad bosses from rising the ranks contributing to increased staff and customer service agent resignations? Stacy Sherman interviews Robertson Stewart, a University teacher, and business author to provide actionable tactics to address major challenges that companies face today and for the foreseeable future. You can AVOID high costs in terms of retention (the lack of), leading to excessive turnover, recruitment, and training expenses, and reduced productivity. By the end of the podcast, you'll learn how to lead in optimal ways in which everyone wins: you as the manager, the employee/agent, and customers too. 

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