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Customer experience (CX) is a brand differentiator. By intentionally DOING CX RIGHT, you gain happy customers who continue to buy from your company and tell others. Applying CX best practices results in employee loyalty and advocacy too. Stacy Sherman, award-winning keynote speaker, author, and mentor is on a mission to inspire better human experiences so that REAL connections and satisfaction exist. It's why she's sharing her expertise as well as bringing global leaders and consumers together to provide actionable CX tips to support your success.

Aug 21, 2022

Your surest path to lasting business growth is by getting a handle on customer risk BEFORE it’s too late. There is a series of steps to reduce churn and prevent bad customer reviews, which entails leveraging operational data and aligning teams around what really matters to customers.

Listen to Stacy Sherman and Richard Owen, Founder, and CEO at OCX Cognition, and co-creator of the NPS system, discuss topics that Richard claims people have not been doing right yet can shift approaches now for better business outcomes.

His advice includes how to pitch executives for increased investment in CX programs, design better surveys, predict buyer behaviors, leverage data effectively, and more.

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